Film Production

After 30 years of success as a journalist, poet, online publisher,  Internet entrepreneur and real estate investor, Double R Ventures President Rosalind Resnick has begun to expand into screenwriting and film and television production.

Resnick is the writer and executive producer of a feature-length romantic comedy based on her book Townhouse Confidential, a spoof of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set in the West Village. The movie finished production in 2021 and premiered at The New York City Independent Film Festival in 2022 where it was awarded Best Narrative Feature. In January 2023, Townhouse Confidential will be distributed by Vision Films and released theatrically in New York City and on VOD.

In 2018, Resnick co-produced an independent film called My ‘Friend’ Mick directed by Ankush Jindal. She and co-writer Ciro De Martino developed a TV series called The Medici Diamonds, a 2019 official selection for the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema’s “Best Unproduced Scripts.”