“We have been tenants in our current building since before Rosalind owned it. What a great change from the previous management! She has been a fantastic property owner, landlord and manager. From the very beginning, she has done an excellent job to improve the building: it was a remarkable, easy and fast transition. Previously, the entryway was a mess, the stairs were cracked, uneven, and dangerous, and the ‘roof deck’ was nothing more than tar-paper. It was difficult to get any work done in a timely manner and we often didn’t know who to call when we needed assistance. As soon as the building changed hands, Rosalind got all the work done to fix these problems quickly and with virtually no inconvenience to the tenants. The roof deck of the building is gorgeous, the entryway is modern, the stairs are fixed, and the building is always clean and safe. This says a lot about her management style. She is generous, kind, no-nonsense, and fair. She looks out for her tenants. She has a great team and any issue we have had, from major to minor, has been handled fast, efficiently, and with great results. We feel safe and have an enormous deal of trust in her, as we raise our son in our wonderful apartment, we know we will be taken care of as a family. She is a big reason we have stayed here over 5 years and we look forward to many more. “

~Teddy G. & Erika L., 475 4th Avenue, Brooklyn


“We have lived at  7 1/2 Leroy for the past four years. We are a family of five and have had a great experience! Any time something is broken or needs attention, Rosalind and her team are there in a matter of minutes. They always respond promptly and fix whatever it is that needs to be taken care of. We have owned in NYC prior to this and we cannot say enough great things about Rosalind and her team. I would highly recommend living in one of Double R Ventures’ properties. You won’t be disappointed!”

~Amy Bell, 7 1/2 Leroy Street NY