Rosalind Resnick

Founder and CEO

Townhouse junkie, filmmaker, cat Mom, poet and lover of all things Italian, Rosalind has built companies, written books, renovated buildings, started Girl Scout troops and traveled the world. She’s been a newspaper reporter, a public company CEO, and a small business consultant. Here we call her “The Boss.”

Lorenzo Mason

Property Manager and Handyman

On call 24/7, Lorenzo handles tenant issues and complaints and sends our team of plumbers, appliance technicians and contractors to tenants’ apartments night and day. Lorenzo welcomes new tenants to their apartments and helps them settle into their new homes.

Tiger Madhoo

Tiger Madhoo


Tiger is the super of our West Village properties. He knows everything there is to know about trash and recycling and helps us avoid tickets and fines. He’s always ready with a smile and a good story about his home country of Guyana.